A personal Safety Gas Monitor which is small, lightweight, Versatile & as per IS 5780 for safety monitoring.

Gases Monitored: CO, H2S, SO2, NO, NO2, Cl2, Br2, NH3, CO2, VOC, O2, O3, H2, A3H3, HCN, PH3, COCl2, HCl, ETO, ClO2 etc

Health and safety are an integral part of the industrial work environment. Monitoring of safety of your surrounding area is the most essential and critical concern for human health.

A safe work zone can be created by considering the following:

  • Personal safety

  • Industrial area surveillance

  • Ambient gas and dust measurement

  • Impurity measurement in reactors

MGM-4P – Personal Safety Multi Gas Monitor
MGM-4P – Personal Safety Multi Gas Monitor

PRIMA MGM-4P is a microprocessor based, handheld, convenient & portable multi gas monitor designed for the monitoring of four gases, % OXYGEN, ppm CARBONMONOXIDE, ppm HYDROGEN SULPHIDE & % LEL of a COMBUSTIBLE GAS.

It is fitted with highly reliable and reputed sensors. The instrument works on disposable dry batteries, optionally a rechargeable battery can be provided. The instrument is capable of SAMPLING, VIEWING and DATALOGGING of INSTANTANEOUS VALUE, STEL AND TWA readings. Logged data can be downloaded to a computer for printing or storage along with the date and time of the readings. Two Alarms, both audible and visual are provided.