Boiler, Furnace, Thermo Pack, Process, WetScrubber, Waste Incinerator.

Apply to the emission monitoring and process analysis of powerplant, cement, glass, limefactory, ceramicsfactory, sinter, coke oven, de-sulfurization, and de-nitration.

[PE-SPMMS-C91] Stack Dust Monitoring System
[PE-SPMMS-C91] Stack Dust Monitoring System

Works on In-situ methodology. Continuous SPM Monitoring System is designed & built onTriboelectric Effect. This is a phenomenon which occurs when moving solid particulate matterscomes into contact with the sensor. This phenomenon being essentially molecular, the process isvery repeatable. This method of sensing yields very accurate and highly reliable results, since thesignal generated is directly proportional to the mass flow rate. In fact Triboelectric technology is theonly one available around the world which senses solid flows directly. Radioactive, laser and opticalmethods are indirect as they are based on the principles of absorption of one or the other form ofenergy.

The SPMMS-C91 range of Dust Monitors uses Tribo-electric technology – DC sensor.This type is fundamental sensor of mass flow and can be calibrated directly in units of gm/sec orkg/hr. DC sensors have a linear response to mass flow over a wide range of gas velocities.These devices provide a simple low-cost mass flow measurement that, unlike mass concentrationmeasurement, requires no further normalization to deliver an absolute measurement ofenvironmental impact. Signal Generation is proportional to mass flow of solids / solid particulatematter across the sensor.

Mass flow, however, is an absolute standard. It provides a measurement of total mass emission froma source and used as a direct assessment of environmental impact. It is valid for any type ofprocess, combustion or non-combustion and may be considered as being the most relevantreporting method.

The DC Tribo-electric probes system is proportional to mass flow. The probe is linearly proportionalto mass flow and thus offers a simple low-cost solution to dust emission monitoring, by providing adirect measurement of the environmental impact of any emission source.